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Protect Your Kids Online With Parental Controls 

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Filter, block, and monitor websites and apps, and set screen time limits.

Receive data breach alerts, Dark Web monitoring, VPN protection, and antivirus.

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Family Screen Time, Covered

From social media to gaming, start managing your kids’ online activity. Aura Parental Controls allows you to restrict internet access and limit screen time on your child’s iPhone. Aura offers robust parental controls for iPhone and Android phones so you can customize what your kids can access online. With the Aura app, set healthy time limits and filter content—across all their mobile devices.

App Icon Gallery such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
App icon gallery such as facebook, instagram, etc.

Peace of Mind with Simple Digital Safety for Your Family

When it comes time for your child to get their first phone, we know a lot of parents ask the question: “how can I monitor my child’s iPhone from my iPhone?” Aura is the answer. Whether your child has an iPhone or Android mobile device, Aura gives parents a way to block websites and apps like Snapchat and TikTok and parents can see  a complete report of which blocked sites their kids have tried to access. 

Content Filtering App Feature

Monitor Content and Block Sites

Aura’s internet filtering technology is powered by Circle, the award-winning parental controls app. It’s easy to customize what your kids can view online. Simply select apps, games, and websites to limit or restrict altogether.

Time Limits App Feature

Limit Screen Time

Know that your kids are safe from too much of a good thing—the internet. Set time limits for apps and websites and customize for each family member.

Pause The Internet App Feature

Pause the Internet


No more asking your kids three times to set down the iPad or turn off Netflix and start their homework. Pause the Internet makes it easy to enforce screen time limits.

Time Online App Feature

View Time Online

Get a complete picture of your kids’ internet use across all devices so you can make informed decisions about the amount of screen time that’s right for your family.

Child playing video games safely protected by Aura parental controls.

Safer Gaming with Cyberbullying Alerts

Keep your child safe from online predators, scams, and cyberbullying when playing online video games. Get alerted to threats with 24/7 in-game voice and text monitoring for over 200 of the most popular PC games. Powered by award-winning ProtectMe from Kidas.

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Aura Parental Controls Powered by Circle




Choose a filter level for each family member

Content Filtering

Content Filtering allows you to choose a filter level for each member of your family and select the apps, websites, and streaming services that need limitations or restrictions.

Customize Screen Time for each 

kid’s profile

Screen Time Limits

You can customize Screen Time Limits for each kid’s profile and set different limits for apps, categories of sites, and a Daily Time Limit.

Pause the Internet at the press of a button, for every family member, or just one. Hit unpause when you’re ready to give back their internet access.


Pause the Internet

Pause the Internet at the press of a button, for every family member, or just one. Hit unpause when you’re ready to give back their internet access.

See kids’ internet use across all devices

Internet Usage 

Get a complete picture of kids internet use across all devices so you can make informed decisions about the amount of screen time that’s right for your family.

Get alerted to threats with 24/7 in-game voice and text monitoring for over 200 of the most popular PC games.

Safe Gaming

Get alerted to threats with 24/7 in-game voice and text monitoring for over 200 of the most popular PC games.

Keep your online activities hidden from hackers


Shop, bank, and work online more securely with a built-in VPN with military-grade encryption to keep your online activities hidden from hackers.

Alerts prevent you from entering malicious sites

Safe Browsing

We alert you to dangerous sites to prevent you and your family from entering malicious sites that may steal your personal and financial info.

Secure your family’s devices against threats

Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware Protection

Our Antivirus software secures your family’s devices. It protects against malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware by automatically detecting and isolating threats.

Get alerts if your info shows up on the Dark Web

Dark Web Monitoring and Data Breach Alerts

If your personal information is exposed in a data breach, it may end up on the Dark Web—an area of the internet where cybercriminals sell information (e.g., email addresses and Social Security numbers). We monitor the Dark Web for your information and alert you if we find it. 

Keep your family’s info safe with strong passwords

Password Manager

You use passwords for almost everything online, and strong passwords are key to keeping your family's info safe. Our Password Manager generates unique, strong passwords and alerts you if you have a weak or breached password.

Aura family device agreement example

New School Year = New Rules

The new school year comes with new timetables, new activities, and new friends — and what better time to align with your kids on new online and device guardrails. Aura can help!

Aura Family Device Agreement example

Download Aura's handy Family Device Agreement and formalize new rules - for kids and parents!

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Try risk free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.² 24/7 customer support included with all plans.

Featuring parental controls badge
Featuring parental controls badge


Try Free for 14 Days

Then $99.99/yr billed annually

Parental Controls

Customize settings for every family member

Mobile device management

Filter content and block inappropriate sites

Unlimited family profiles and device monitoring


Screen Time Limits & Pause the Internet

Track internet usage

Parental Controls available on iOS & Android

Safe Gaming (Cyberbullying Alerts)

Weekly Gaming Activity Report

24/7 In-Game Voice and Text Monitoring

Cyberbullying and Predator Alerts

Safe Gaming available on Windows PC

Online and Device Security

Password manager

Antivirus — 10 Devices

VPN — 10 Devices

Financial Fraud Protection

Dark web monitoring & alerts

Monitor up to 10 email addresses

See What Parents Are Saying

5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
5 Star Rating
Great app for parents!
Finally! I have gotten control of the content coming into our house.....
Easy to use and effective. Great app.

Circle is easy to use and customize to our family's needs. I feel confident knowing my kids won't accidentally be exposed to something they shouldn't be AND that I can prevent them from sneaking the iPad and watching a movie in the middle of the night!

Was totally fed up and frustrated in the lack of ability to control the content our kids were being exposed to and able to view. Then found Circle and am so happy with the ability to control by person, device and specific media. Great app and ability to manage. Thank you for caring enough to make a product that I can use to protect my children with.

Works well. I like the history and filter features. We haven’t maxed out the number of profiles and filtered devices yet either!

— Kristen H, 03.15.21

Parental Role: Mom

— Manuela T, 03.13.2021

Parental Role: Mom

— Greg V, 07.04.21

Parental Role: Dad

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*** Compatibility requirements for installing are: iOS version 13 or greater, Android version 6.0 or higher (Note: the Circle app is not compatible with Android Go devices), Fire OS version 6.0 or higher. Chromebooks must have the Google Play Store enabled and must support installation of Google Play Store apps, and the Android container the Chromebook uses must support Android 6 or higher. 

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³ ath Power Consulting, 2018

⁴ Child members on the family plan will only have access to online account monitoring and social security number monitoring features. All adult members get all the listed benefits.

⁵ FBI IC3 Report, 2021

⁶ Forbes: “Google Registers Record Two Million Phishing Websites In 2020”

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⁸ Survey of active Circle users, November 2020.

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