Save 44%

Stop Spam Calls & Texts with Aura’s AI-Powered App

Notifications on iPhone from the Aura Call Protection feature.

Block spam and scam phone calls

Stop Spam Calls & Texts with Aura’s AI-Powered App

Stay safe from phishing messages

Notifications on iPhone from the Aura Call Protection feature.
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“Online crime is a crisis that requires an innovative solution. Aura is that solution.”

- Robert Downey, Jr.

Block Phone Scams with AI-Powered Call Protection

Block Phone Scams with AI-Powered Call Protection

Block Phone Scams with AI-Powered Call Protection

Protection from phone scams and phishing—powered by artificial intelligence.

Live Spam-Free and Block Phone Scams

AI Call Assistant Screens Your Calls

Keep Your Texts Safe From Phishing

Message Protection is iOS Only

Choose the Plan That’s Right for You

Try risk free with our 60-day money-back guarantee.² 24/7 customer support included with all plans.

New! AI-Powered Call & Message Protection


Save 44%




$84 billed annually

Spam & Scam Protection

AI-Powered Call Screening

Anti-Track & Ad Block

Call & Message Protection

Privacy Assistant

Dark Web Monitoring & Alerts

Phone Number Lookup

Message Protection is iOS Only

Online & Device Security

Password Manager

Antivirus - 10 Devices

VPN - 10 Devices

Vault (1GB)

Safe Browsing - 10 Devices

Phishing Is on the Rise


Increase in reported phishing cases in 2021 (FBI IC3 2021)


Victim losses from phishing cases in 2021 (FBI IC3 2021)


Unwanted robocalls received in 2022 (TNS Robocall 2023)

Enjoy Your Phone. Leave Spam to Us.

Block Spam Calls & Phone Scams

Aura app showing a Spam Call Blocked notification

Tired of unwanted calls? Aura uses industry-leading spam lists to block known spam callers so you can avoid costly phone scams.

AI-Powered Call Assistant Screens Your Calls

Aura App showing an Aura verified call coming through

Aura’s Call Assistant will pick up unknown calls on your behalf to screen them for spam or scams. The AI will only forward legitimate calls to you, so you won't miss appointments, deliveries, and emergencies while you enjoy living spam-free.

Keep Your Texts Spam-Free

Keep Your Texts Safe & Spam-Free

Aura protects you from harmful text messages by filtering out known spam numbers and scanning links in the message for phishing threats. Harmful messages will be placed in your junk folder.

Aura App showing blocked spam texts and allowed verified texts

Available only for iOS

See What Experts & Customers Are Saying

2022 Best Identity Theft Protection 

for Multiple Devices

“We chose Aura as the best identity theft service for multiple devices because its higher tier plans offer comprehensive monitoring and several cybersecurity tools for more devices than its competitors.”

“Aura has a neat interface to monitor essential financial vulnerabilities, such as bank accounts, and identity theft records. The upfront pricing is refreshing, it is simple to use, and Aura even includes a password manager, VPN, and antivirus to make its security solution an even more compelling deal.”

Stopped this fraud case in its tracks!

I had received a warning from AURA of an unknown person using my name to open a false credit card account. When Tammy at AURA got all the information from me she called the creditor and the 3 of us discussed the situation in depth. The fraudulent account was immediately closed and Tammy helped me become more familiar with even more services offered by AURA. Thank you Tammy.

— Edward

Trustpilot Review, 06.15.2022

Just switched to Aura

Just switched to Aura from another protection product because the customer service and agent knowledge of how their products worked was so poor. Aura agent worked out all the issues promptly (appreciate the call back on the weekend) and was able to answer questions to help me select the proper product for my Son's needs.


Trustpilot Review, 07.02.2022

Absolutely amazing customer service

This was a concerning situation, discovered while I was out of the country. The Aura staff was exceptional in managing the matter with grace, patience and kindness. Thank you so much to both of the representatives I worked with to quickly resolve the matter!

— Ty

Trustpilot Review, 11.23.2022

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** Free trial offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Full access to plan features depends on identity verification and credit eligibility.

  Message Protection is iOS only

¹ The score you receive with Aura is provided for educational purposes to help you understand your credit. It is calculated using the information contained in your TransUnion or Experian credit file. Lenders use many different credit scoring systems, and the score you receive with Aura is not the same score used by lenders to evaluate your credit.

‍² 60-day money back guarantee is only available for our annual plans purchased through our websites or via our Customer Support team. You may cancel your membership online and request a refund within 60 days of your initial purchase date of an eligible Aura membership purchase either through your Aura Account Membership portal or by calling us at 1-855-712-0021. If you signed up for Aura through a free trial, then your membership purchase date will be the date you signed up for your free trial, and you will have 60 days from the date you signed up for your free trial to cancel and request a refund. If you switched to a new annual plan within 60 days of your initial Aura annual subscription, you may still qualify for the Money Back Guarantee (based upon your initial annual plan purchase date).

³ As compared to the competition. Results based on a 2022 mystery shopper consumer study conducted by ath Power Consulting. ath Power Consulting was compensated by Aura to conduct this study.

⁴ Child members on the family plan will only have access to online account monitoring and social security number monitoring features. All adult members get all the listed benefits.

⁵ FBI IC3 Report, 2022 

⁶ Forbes: “Google Registers Record Two Million Phishing Websites In 2020”

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